The e-Operator service represents a data management system for operators of electronic communications networks and services operating on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, as well as for managing address and number resources. The service extends and facilitates access to HAKOM and increases the productivity and efficiency of HAKOM through the process computerization. e-Operator is a central database of operators of electronic communications networks and services, and also represents a database of free / allocated resources of address and number space. The service provides an interface for entering the necessary data by operators and HAKOM employees. It makes it easier for operators to submit applications for registration and use of address and number resources, and it makes it easier to submit the necessary reports in accordance with the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act and related bylaws (e.g. gross revenue data or data on the group of numbers).

Usage instructions

Access to the e-Operator service ยป

For all further questions please contact HAKOM by phone +385 (0)1 700 70 07 or by e-mail

HAKOM collects and processes personal data pursuant to Article 21 Paragraph 1 and Article 24 of the Electronic Communications Act for the purpose of processing and issuing a certificate of receipt of prior notification, keeping and publishing the list of electronic communications operators, communication with operators in connection with submission of other related requirements within the system, as well as the reports on gross revenue and data on the group of numbers. Personal contact details are collected and processed exclusively for the purpose of contacting and exchanging information related to requests submitted in the e-Operator system, and will not be delivered or exchanged with third parties. Data on registered operators shall be stored within the deadlines set out in the special list of archival and registration materials of HAKOM. For more details on the conditions and methods of processing personal data, as well as the rights related to processing please contact the following link.